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Announcing Chrono Technologies

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Toru Maesaka

Founder and Software Engineer

As we venture into the year ahead, I am thrilled to announce Chrono Technologies, a company devoted to building tools and services for creators and productivity-focused individuals, guided by the Unix philosophy of developing small, modular, and highly interoperable software.

Over the years, productivity tools and project workflows have undergone significant evolution, yet we still encounter familiar age-old problems. We often find ourselves questioning the rationale of inconvenient practices, but these questions are frequently left unanswered, forgotten, or lost due to the departure of team members. Not understanding these past decisions can lead to potentially catastrophic issues.

The foundations we stand on are formed by past decisions, often driven by good intentions. As businesses evolve, so do their requirements and challenges. This dynamic implies that what is considered a correct decision today may not hold true in the future. Nevertheless, decisions often take into account sensitive constraints that extend beyond individual projects.

Incidents often occur when these considerations are overlooked. While this is a relatively well-addressed problem in the software engineering field, thanks to the use of version control systems, collaboration software, and consistent engineering practices, these tools and concepts tend to be less prevalent in other domains.

Our first step in addressing these challenges is to develop a simple, low-friction change management platform for people from all disciplines. This platform will track decisions, context, and the people involved, ensuring verifiability through cryptography.

Building on our commitment to user-centric solutions, it's important to also emphasize our dedication to privacy. I believe in creating technology that not only solves problems but does so with integrity and respect for user privacy. To put this belief into practice, we ensure that only essential user information is stored, and redundant data is promptly deleted. Our systems are designed and built with robust security measures to address the worst challenges, including physical database breaches. The goal is to ensure that not even our DBAs can access your information without permission.

As I embark on this journey at Chrono Technologies, I am grateful for the valuable resources and inspiration found in the open source and founder communities. In the spirit of this gratitude, I am committed to giving back and paying it forward to these communities. As part of this commitment, I will soon make our terms and privacy policy documents available under the MIT license, serving as a resource for future founders.

Stay tuned for updates, and follow us on LinkedIn.